jueves, diciembre 31, 2009

Para finalizar, unas palabras de Paul Auster

Estas palabras las tengo que tomar en cuenta para 2010. Es un qué-hacer y un qué-no-hacer para quien quiere dedicarse a eso de la escribida. Es algo que he hecho mal todos estos años y espero cambiar de una vez y por todas.

Feliz año a mis lectores, regulares y ocasionales.

If your only motive is to be loved, to ingratiate yourself with the crowd, you’re bound to fall into bad habits, and eventually the public will grow tired of you. You have to keep testing yourself, pushing your talent as hard as you can. You do it for yourself, but in the end it’s this struggle to do better that most endears you to your fans. That’s the paradox. People begin to sense that you’re out there taking risks for them. They’re allowed to share in the mystery, to participate in whatever nameless thing is driving you to do it, and once that happens, you’re no longer just a performer, you’re on your way to becoming a star.

Paul Auster, Mr Vertigo